18 Irresistibly Sweet Muffin Recipes

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Rise and shine! It’s time to get baking! Popular for breakfast or as a snack, muffins are great for any time of day—even for dessert. Muffins are loved by all ages for their sweet flavor and delicate, fluffy texture. You’re in luck if you’re searching for some new muffin recipes to try! Let’s introduce you to 18 sweet muffin recipes that are sure to satisfy those sweet cravings. From classic blueberry muffins to unique flavor combinations like carrot cake and cinnamon roll, these sweet muffin recipes are guaranteed to make your day!

Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Muffins by Savor the Spoonful
Photo Credit: Savor the Spoonful

These easy 3 ingredient Pumpkin Muffins are super soft, moist, and fluffy. Made with spice cake mix, pumpkin puree, and dark chocolate chips, every bite is full of incredible pumpkin spice flavor for the autumn season. Your family and friends are sure to love this delicious fall muffin recipe!

Get the Recipe: Pumpkin Muffins

Cinnamon Apple Muffins with Crumble Topping and Vanilla Glaze

Cinnamon Apple Muffins Recipe with Crumble Topping and Vanilla Glaze by An Edible Mosaic
Photo Credit: An Edible Mosaic

This Cinnamon Apple Muffins recipe features moist, tender muffins studded with apple, a buttery brown sugar crumble topping, and a decadent vanilla glaze. It’s the perfect fall treat that doubles as breakfast and dessert.

Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Muffins with Crumble Topping and Vanilla Glaze

Vegan Sunflower Seed Muffins

Vegan Sunflower Seed Muffins by The All Natural Vegan
Photo Credit: The All Natural Vegan

These Gluten-Free Vegan Sunflower Seed Muffins are the perfect easy new muffin recipe. They are made with whole food and clean ingredients and they are guaranteed to keep you full for hours. These delicious muffins are moist, fluffy, and naturally sweet!

Get the Recipe: Vegan Sunflower Seed Muffins

Coconut Lemon Raspberry Muffins

Coconut Lemon Raspberry Muffins by Cambrea Bakes
Photo Credit: Cambrea Bakes

Moist Lemon Raspberry Muffins are bursting with juicy raspberries, fresh lemon flavor, and a hint of coconut. For that bakery style touch, top with lemon sugar. Made with basic ingredients and one bowl, you’ll love this easy breakfast recipe!

Get the Recipe: Coconut Lemon Raspberry Muffins

Chocolate Cream Cheese Muffins

Chocolate Cream Cheese Muffins by Tasha's Artisan Foods
Photo Credit: Tasha’s Artisan Foods

The flavors of Chocolate Cream Cheese Muffins are fantastic and rich. The tangy touch of yogurt and cream cheese intersects with chocolate in perfect balance, striking the right notes in every way.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cream Cheese Muffins

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins by I Heart Eating
Photo Credit: I Heart Eating

Best oatmeal muffins! These Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins are a healthy, hearty, delicious portable breakfast recipe.

Get the Recipe: Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins

Orange Muffins

Orange Muffins by Little Sunny Kitchen
Photo Credit: Little Sunny Kitchen

Light and fluffy Orange Muffins are made with freshly squeezed orange juice and a few other simple ingredients. You’ll love the bright and lightly sweet flavor of these. As a bonus, they are incredibly simple to make.

Get the Recipe: Orange Muffins

Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins

Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins by Cambrea Bakes
Photo Credit: Cambrea Bakes

Skip the bakery lines and make Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins at home! You’ll love the crispy muffin tops, moist and fluffy texture, and juicy blueberries in every bite. You only need one bowl and 30 minutes!

Get the Recipe: Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins

Carrot Cake Muffins

Carrot Cake Muffins by Plant Based on a Budget
Photo Credit: Plant Based on a Budget

These Vegan Banana Carrot Muffins are tender, moist, sweet, lightly spiced, and super easy to make! Plus, they can be made refined sugar-free, sugar-free, wholewheat or spelt flour, gluten-free, and/or with all your favorite mix-ins!

Get the Recipe: Carrot Cake Muffins

Banana Nutella Muffins

Banana Nutella Muffins by Cambrea Bakes
Photo Credit: Cambrea Bakes

Banana Nutella Muffins are the ultimate bakery-worthy breakfast treat. These are soft and moist banana muffins with a creamy Nutella center and swirled top!

Get the Recipe: Banana Nutella Muffins

Apple Butter Muffins

Apple Butter Muffins by Life as a Strawberry
Photo Credit: Life as a Strawberry

These Apple Butter Muffins are perfectly moist and packed with our favorite fall spices! Use homemade or store bought apple butter in the batter, and finish with our quick cinnamon crumble topping. Ready in under an hour!

Get the Recipe: Apple Butter Muffins

Raspberry Muffins

Raspberry Muffins by Bonni Bakery
Photo Credit: Bonni Bakery

These Raspberry Muffins are a real delight – fluffy, moist, and packed with tart raspberries, finished off with a delicious crunchy crumble topping. They make the perfect treat for breakfast, dessert, or an anytime snack.

Get the Recipe: Raspberry Muffins

Coconut Muffins

Coconut Muffins by Vintage Kitchen Notes
Photo Credit: Vintage Kitchen Notes

Very easy, bakery-style Coconut Muffins that rise wonderfully and have a soft, moist crumb. They’re plain, flavorful and perfect for breakfast, Easter brunch, bake sales and as a back-to-school snack. You can use regular-sized or jumbo muffin pans. They keep well and can be frozen.

Get the Recipe: Coconut Muffins

Pineapple Muffins

Pineapple Muffins by Budget Delicious
Photo Credit: Budget Delicious

Pineapple Muffins are an easy, tropical treat made in one bowl with simple pantry ingredients. Families love these for breakfasts and lunchboxes.

Get the Recipe: Pineapple Muffins

Funfetti Muffins

Funfetti Muffins by Susan Brings Dessert
Photo Credit: Susan Brings Dessert

Got a birthday party or celebration coming up? Need a mood booster in the form of a sweet treat? Then you have to try these muffins that are equal parts cute and delicious. While I’ll always have a soft spot for a classic chocolate chip muffin, these funfetti muffins are a fun treat and guaranteed to brighten your day, party, birthday breakfast – whatever event! From the vibrant colors of the sprinkles to the blast of vanilla flavor, these cheery, fluffy muffins are great for a special occasion or everyday breakfast snack.

Get the Recipe: Funfetti Muffins

Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Cinnamon Roll Muffins by The Honour System
Photo Credit: The Honour System

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Cinnamon Roll Muffins made with almond flour. A sweet indulgence that brings a healthy twist to a classic treat.

Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Cranberry Orange Muffins

Cranberry Orange Muffins by Homemade Hooplah
Photo Credit: Homemade Hooplah

These Cranberry Orange Muffins blend tart cranberries with zesty orange for a perfect breakfast treat or a cozy midday snack.

Get the Recipe: Cranberry Orange Muffins

Cherry Muffins

Cherry Muffins by Little Sunny Kitchen
Photo Credit: Little Sunny Kitchen

Homemade Cherry Muffins are made from scratch with fresh, sweet cherries. Make these muffins quickly and easily with yummy cherries and some simple pantry ingredients.

Get the Recipe: Cherry Muffins

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