Inflation Insanity: These 16 Things Aren’t Worth Buying Anymore

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Have you noticed that basic goods don’t come cheap anymore? It seems like everything from a bag of fries to a used sweater now costs a small fortune. Inflation’s hitting hard, so it’s important to weigh our options before spending. Here’s a list of things that are no longer worth buying.

1. Fast Food

Woman Eating Hamburger Snacking Fast Food Fastfood MSN
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Did you know McDonald’s once offered menu items for one dollar? These days, a burger and fries combo will leave your pockets emptier than a spilled soda.

2. Items From Thrift Stores

Woman posing near clothes
Image Credit: AndrewLozovyi/Depositphotos.

Thrifting at stores like Goodwill used to be a treasure hunt where you could score pre-loved stuff at bargain prices. Now, it’s more like an overpriced garage sale. The culprits? Resellers marking up their prices online. Skip the “thrift-flation” and consider shopping brand new instead—at least you know what you’re getting!

3. Potato Chips

Beautiful, curly-haired woman eating potatoe chips MSN
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Can you believe a bag of chips now costs as much as two gallons of milk? Chips used to be the perfect on-the-go treat, but at this rate, you should trade those empty calories for real fuel.

4. Subway Sandwiches

Reuben Sandwich Baguette Bread with Cheese Meat Food MSN
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Do you miss the days you could get a five-dollar footlong at Subway? Sadly, the chain has gone from basic bites to pricey paninis. Try meal planning instead—it’s a life hack that improves health and saves money.

5. Instant Noodles

Woman Eating Ramen MSN
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Still paying a premium for instant ramen? Your body deserves better than artificial grub. Ditch the sodium bomb and learn to cook real food. It’s easier than you think and feels more rewarding.

6. Online Subscriptions

watching movies in television MSN
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Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max… there’s an endless list of subscriptions that nibble away at your budget before you can even choose what to binge-watch. Don’t swear off streaming just yet—many websites let you watch movies for free.

7. Food Delivery

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Remember when delivery apps brought you great bites at a reasonable cost? Yeah, those days are gone. With all the extra charges and “suggested” tips that feel more like demands, ordering takeout now feels like a luxury.

Next time you crave DoorDash or Uber Eats, ask yourself: are these fees really worth it?

8. Cereal

Bowl Of Healthy Cereal And Berries Milk MSN
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Nowadays, cereal boxes are only worth grabbing if they’re on sale. Don’t get me started on the “family size” packaging—it’s the same amount with a new label for a higher price.

Avoid the sugar overload and level up your breakfast with overnight oats. Mix some granola, nuts, milk, fruits, and any sweet toppings you like. It’s much easier on your wallet (and waistline).

9. Concerts

Young Crowd At A Concert Club Dancing MSN
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There’s no doubt that concert prices have skyrocketed. These fun events turned into expenses that could potentially put you in debt. 

However, this doesn’t mean you must miss out on them; it’s about choosing wisely and considering the trade-offs. Jamming to your favorite songs in your living room can be just as fun!

10. Movie Tickets

Focused Man Watching a Movie MSN
Image Credit: Deklofenak/Depositphotos.

When I was a teenager, the movie theater used to be the ultimate hangout spot, but today, ticket prices are no longer student-friendly. 

Guess what? With all the frugal hobbies out there, you can stay entertained without breaking the bank.

11. Starbucks Coffee

Customer Paying For Coffee With Credit Card MSN
Image Credit: gpointstudio/Depositphotos.

It’s weird how an iced latte at Starbucks now costs more than a cocktail. At this point, you’re not paying for the drink itself but the logo on the cup. Why not just try brewing coffee at home?

12. Farmer’s Market Products

Supermarket Fresh Produce Customer Buying Apple MSN
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The farmer’s market used to be a budget-friendly option versus shopping at a grocery store. Now, they cost the same, more or less. Before emptying your wallet, be strategic and watch out for deals on seasonal goods.

13. Pizza

Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, ham, and cheese MSN
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$20 for a pizza that’s basically just sauce, cheese, and bread? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Pizzas were once delicious meals on a budget. Pizza nights now cost almost as much as eating out (minus the fancy napkins).

14. Dining At Restaurants

Two People Eating Food At A Restaurant MSN
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Before, restaurants served affordable dishes that could feed a whole family. These days, the bill will only drain your savings.

It’s better to be your own personal chef. With practice, you can whip up tasty meals at home, leaving you with a happy stomach and a healthy bank account.

15. Airbnb

Couple Checking into Their Holiday Home Airbnb MSN
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Back then, booking an Airbnb gave you cheap accommodation with easygoing vibes. Unfortunately, things have changed and it now involves chores, strict rules, and soaring price tags. To make things worse, you’re no longer guaranteed a clean place.

It’s a no-brainer—book a hotel room for better value and less hassle.

16. Haircuts

Where To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me
Image Credit: ridofranz/Depositphotos.

Spending hundreds of dollars for a haircut or trim is just unfair. With tons of DIY tutorials online, you can save big. Grab your scissors (carefully) and embrace your creativity!

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