20 Simple Coffee and Tea Recipes

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Ah, coffee and tea, the elixirs of life! Whether you prefer your beverages warm, hot, or cold, there’s no denying that these drinks have a special place in our hearts (and our caffeine-addicted souls). Hold onto your mugs because I’m about to unveil 20 delicious coffee and tea recipes that will elevate your daily caffeine fix.

Cozy Chamomile Tea Latte

Cozy Chamomile Tea Latte by An Edible Mosaic
Photo Credit: An Edible Mosaic

Enjoy this naturally caffeine-free, warmly-spiced, aromatic Chamomile Tea Latte recipe as a relaxing hot beverage any time of day. It’s as easy to make as steeping tea!

Get the Recipe: Cozy Chamomile Tea Latte

Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha by Living Chirpy
Photo Credit: Living Chirpy

This is a super simple, but incredibly addictive and easy Iced Mocha recipe. Rich chocolate coffee flavor “on the rocks”!

Get the Recipe: Iced Mocha

Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte

Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte by Avocado Skillet
Photo Credit: Avocado Skillet

This Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte is a delicious way to enjoy matcha.

Get the Recipe: Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Iced Coffee by Delightful Plate
Photo Credit: Delightful Plate

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is a tasty and refreshing coffee beverage to start your day with. It can be surprisingly intense and aromatic with the right brewing method.

Get the Recipe: Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Orange Peel Tea

Orange Peel Tea by Oh Sweet Culture Shock
Photo Credit: Oh Sweet Culture Shock

This homemade Orange Peel Tea recipe is the perfect way to reduce your food waste and drink something healthy on the way! With 3 simple ingredients this tea is made in no time! You can even customize it to make it the perfect tea!

Get the Recipe: Orange Peel Tea

Iced Boba Coffee

Iced Boba Coffee by Budget Delicious
Photo Credit: Budget Delicious

Save money and easily make this six ingredient Iced Boba Coffee at home in less than 20 minutes. Yum!

Get the Recipe: Iced Boba Coffee

Lavender Chamomile Tea

Lavender Chamomile Tea by Wholehearted Eats
Photo Credit: Wholehearted Eats

Make your own Lavender Chamomile Tea at home with dried flowers from your garden or shops. This easy tea is relaxing and sweet, just right for a cozy evening. Chamomile is great for the stomach and lavender is calming, so this is particularly good if you feel anxiety in your belly.

Get the Recipe: Lavender Chamomile Tea

Butternut Butterscotch Latte

Butternut Butterscotch Latte by An Edible Mosaic
Photo Credit: An Edible Mosaic

This Butternut Butterscotch Latte recipe pairs winter squash with maple syrup, butterscotch flavor, a hint of cinnamon, creamy coconut milk, and strong coffee for the ultimate cozy fall drink!

Get the Recipe: Butternut Butterscotch Latte

Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry Iced Tea by Delightful Plate
Photo Credit: Delightful Plate

This tasty Strawberry Iced Tea can be prepared with minimal effort. No need to cook down the strawberries into a syrup or purée them!

Get the Recipe: Strawberry Iced Tea

Brown Sugar Shaken Chai Tea

Brown Sugar Shaken Chai Tea by Brunch and Batter
Photo Credit: Brunch and Batter

Have you ever tried the Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso from Starbucks? If you have, then you know this sweet, foamy drink is as refreshing as it is addicting. This Brown Sugar Shaken Chai Tea is a play on the coffee shop favorite. Instead of espresso, you add concentrated chai tea, homemade brown sugar simple syrup, and a touch of cinnamon. After a vigorous shake in a cocktail shaker with some ice, the result is a lusciously smooth and foamy chai drink, that outshines your usual chai latte.

Get the Recipe: Brown Sugar Shaken Chai Tea

Rose, Lavender and Mint Tea

Rose, Lavender and Mint Tea by Oh Sweet Culture Shock
Photo Credit: Oh Sweet Culture Shock

Indulge in the soothing and floral flavors of Homemade Rose, Lavender and Mint Tea Mix. This easy-to-follow recipe uses dried rose petals, lavender flowers, and mint leaves to create a delightful tea mix that can be stored in a jar for easy brewing. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon or as a thoughtful gift for tea lovers, this tea mix is sure to become a favorite in your tea collection.

Get the Recipe: Rose, Lavender and Mint Tea

Thai Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Coffee by Chew Out Loud
Photo Credit: Chew Out Loud

This 3-Ingredient Thai Iced Coffee is so simply delicious, right at home. It’s about to become your new favorite coffee drink. No need to drive to a Thai restaurant in order to enjoy a cold, refreshing Thai iced coffee.

Get the Recipe: Thai Iced Coffee

Nettle Tea Lemonade

Nettle Tea Lemonade by Life Around the Table
Photo Credit: Life Around the Table

Nettle Tea Lemonade is bright and refreshing and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. It tastes like lemonade with a hit of green tea flavor — the most delicious way to drink nettle leaf tea.

Get the Recipe: Nettle Tea Lemonade

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee by Umamiology
Photo Credit: Umamiology

Dalgona Coffee is a delicious, whipped coffee trend originating from South Korea. It was made popular by multiple instances of Korean pop stars and actors ordering the creamy coffee drink in Korean TV shows over the years – and it’s a really simple drink to make!

Get the Recipe: Dalgona Coffee

Blue Pea Flower Tea

Blue Pea Flower Tea by Tasha's Artisan Foods
Photo Credit: Tasha’s Artisan Foods

Blue Butterfly Pea Tea (aka Blue Flower Tea) is a simple herbal drink that tastes like green tea and has numerous health properties. This pea flower tea is super easy to make at home, and you can enjoy it chilled or warm!

Get the Recipe: Blue Pea Flower Tea

Pistachio Matcha Latte

Pistachio Matcha Latte by Dash of Jazz
Photo Credit: Dash of Jazz

This perfectly balanced Pistachio Matcha Latte recipe is earthy, nutty, and sweet. Start your day with this coffee-free Starbucks copycat in under 10 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Pistachio Matcha Latte

Cozy Warming Oat Tea

Cozy Warming Oat Tea by An Edible Mosaic
Photo Credit: An Edible Mosaic

Oat Tea is a cozy warm drink flavored with cinnamon, honey, and vanilla that’s said to have immune-boosting benefits.

Get the Recipe: Cozy Warming Oat Tea

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea by Dash of Jazz
Photo Credit: Dash of Jazz

Enjoy a cozy cup of easy Cinnamon Tea (and all of its health benefits) at home with this quick recipe from scratch using cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon! Just grab two ingredients and a few common kitchen tools to get started.

Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Tea

Hojicha Tea Latte

Hojicha Tea Latte by Just Gimme Fries
Photo Credit: Just Gimme Fries

Hōjicha, or also Houjicha, is a Japanese green tea that – unlike many other steamed teas – is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal at a high temperature. The roasting process makes the Hojicha sweeter in taste but also lowers its caffeine content. So it’s perfect for someone who can’t handle caffeine.

Get the Recipe: Hojicha Tea Latte

Rosemary Mint Tea

Rosemary Mint Tea by Being Nutritious
Photo Credit: Being Nutritious

Cozy up to this warm and satisfying herbal tea, perfect for cold days or anytime!

Get the Recipe: Rosemary Mint Tea

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